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Amazon MP3 Millions of DRM-free (digital rights management) songs and albums in MP3 format, meaning you can play them on any device that plays MP3 files, including iPods. Also the service is easy to use so if you use their downloader and have iTunes installed, your MP3 purchases will automatically appear in your iTunes library.

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Amazon Mp3 Downloads

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As you all probably already know the iTunes Store has been the spearhead in the adoption of the AAC format, selling AAC encoded files since the store’s 2003 inception. AAC is billed as a successor to MP3 and is particularly noted for sounding better at lower bitrates.The store benefits from having the songs encoded from the original master recordings, rather than being ripped from a CD.

Throughout much of the store’s history, however, Apple has been forced by its contracts with record labels to include the much-criticized and oft-despised rights management, FairPlay, on all song downloads. Most of the songs it sells come packaged this way.

Now however, the store has made moves to free its music from those restrictions. The iTunes store now sells songs with no DRM. (Digital rights management).

iTunes Downloads

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