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Ocean Colour Scene (often abbreviated to OCS) is a rock band from Birmingham, England. They were formed after two other local bands called The Boys and Fanatics disbanded. Fanatics released an E.P. titled Suburban Love Songs.

Their first 7" single was called "Sway" and was released in the early '90s UK indie era. However, when their record label was swallowed up by larger company Phonogram their eponymous debut was mixed, against the band wishes, to fit in with the Manchester musical trend of the time. With the album largely deemed a failure, and with the band in dispute with their record company, they spent several years in the wilderness.

With the explosion of the Britpop scene, OCS's music became nationally and internationally known. Their second album Moseley Shoals was received to critical acclaim, containing four hit singles and reaching the heights of #2 in the UK Albums Chart and the follow up, Marchin' Already displacing Oasis at the top of the charts.

Their song The Riverboat Song was featured on Chris Evans' TFI Friday - as the backing music when guests were introduced, and "Hundred Mile High City" and "July" were used in the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and the associated television series.

Having undergone line-ups changes, the band continue to record and perform, though they have struggled to recapture the success they enjoyed with their breakthrough album, Moseley Shoals.

Their sound is deliberately retro, and influenced by sixties rock especially.

Band members

Their traditional line-up has consisted of:

  • Steve Cradock; (b. 22 August 1969); guitars, piano, mandolin, E-bow, autoharp, organs and backing vocals
  • Simon Fowler, (b. 25 May 1965); vocals, harmonica and acoustic guitar
  • Oscar Harrison (b. 15 April 1965); drums, piano and backing vocals.
  • Damon Minchella (b. 1 June 1969); bass guitar

Damon Minchella was fired by the band in 2003, temporarily replaced by Gary "Mani" Mounfield for a support slot with Stereophonics and then was permanently replaced by Dan Sealey on bass. Another guitarist, Andy Bennett was also added, making them a five-piece.

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